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             CabCash!  Ithaca's 1st prepaid taxi card!

    We are pleased to announce that we will be distributing free beer glasses to Ithaca's local bar owners!   Each heavy duty 16oz beer glass features two logos on it (as shown in the pics) that would encourage your bar patrons to obtain safe transportation back home.


16 ounce beer mugs!

them now!

1st come,
1st served!

  Ithaca Dispatch would like to send a free case of these glasses to your establishment! So if you own a local bar in the
Ithaca area, please click on the provided link below and you can reserve your case immediately!

Compliments of Ithaca Dispatch, Inc.

To reserve your case, click the link:  Beer mug request form


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Free beer mugs for local bars!

CabCash!  Ithaca's 1st prepaid taxi card!

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