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             CabCash!  Ithaca's 1st prepaid taxi card!

Ithaca Dispatch accepts several forms of payment:
Visa,  Mastercard,  Discover,  the CabCash card,  cash, and local checks
   proper I.D. must be provided for check payment
Sorry but we do not accept American Express (Amex)

Ithaca Dispatch, Inc. realizes that the various pricing structures for City fares, County fares (outside of the city) and other fares may cause confusion. Just click on the link that best describes your planned route of travel. Information will be displayed showing some simple estimates, which a single passenger might incur traveling with Ithaca Dispatch, Inc. Please do not hesitate to call for a more precise fee.
All estimates found on this site do not reflect additional fees for items such as luggage, multiple stops between destinations, or additional passengers. Please refer to City Fares for information on some of those additional fees, or call us for clarification. Prices are subject to change. PLEASE NOTE ***: DURING PEAK PERIODS WE MAY REQUIRE PAYMENT IN ADVANCE OR A CREDIT CARD TO HOLD A RESERVATION FROM TRANSPORTATION REQUESTS FROM OUTSIDE THE CITY OF ITHACA. We only ask for this when absolutely necessary in order to ensure the best possible service for our customers and that our drivers earn a living wage. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we ask for your cooperation and understanding. THANK YOU!

Will you be traveling within the city limits of Ithaca?
The City of Ithaca has a fare structure which divides the city into "zones". Therefore the
fare you pay is dependent on the zones in which your travel will take you within the city limits
of Ithaca. This structure therefore does not require the use of a taxi meter to determine fees.
click here "City of Ithaca Fares" to view a map of the City of Ithaca, its appointed zones
and a breakdown of additional fees such as luggage and others.

 WITHIN TOMPKINS COUNTY (but outside of the city)
Will you be traveling on the outkirts of the City of Ithaca, but still within the limits of Tompkins County?
click here "Tompkins County" for a comprehensive alphabetical list of streets in the county, but outside of the city, along with their correlating estimated fares.

Need to travel outside of Ithaca to somewhere like Candor, Cortland, Rochester, Syracuse, New York City or even Boston?
click here "Out of County" for an alphabetical list of popular destinations and their correlating estimated fares.

Need to travel from one popular site to another popular site in and around the City of Ithaca? (for example: going from Ithaca College to Collegetown) Then you'll want to check out our "Quick Reference Pricing Chart".
click here "Quick Reference Pricing Chart" for a quick glance at fare estimates for: The Airport, Collegetown, Ithaca College, Cornell, East Hill, downtown, the mall and the C.M.C.

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CabCash!  Ithaca's 1st prepaid taxi card!

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